"St. Mary School is committed to educating the whole child. St. Mary School provides opportunities for spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical growth of each student in a loving, Catholic environment. Students are encouraged to share and to serve within the school, church, and community while realizing their own full potential."

We are an accredited Catholic elementary school and part of the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri. St. Mary School provides education for children in Preschool through Grade 8.



Catholic Schools Across Our Diocese Thrive

The school communities of the Diocese of Jefferson City are today’s servants of God. They accept the continuing mission of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to the world and making disciples of all nations. The diocesan schools provide quality Catholic education in a Christ-like environment; guiding, enlightening, educating, and nurturing the children in their care.

In our diocese, an educational program is provided where students learn intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and aesthetic like skills and attitudes. Continual development of the students ultimate earthly and spiritual potential is the primary design.


St. Mary

The difference is not just in what we provide as a school, which is excellence in education, modern facilities and technology, and a safe environment …

The difference is not just in what we provide as a Christian school, which is a community focused on a love of God and love of neighbor …

The difference is not just in what we provide as a Catholic school, which has as its foundation the wealth of God’s sacramental grace and the teachings of the Church that Jesus Christ established …

The difference is in our students, families, and staff and in the commitment we share, as members of the body of Christ, to transform the world with the Good News.  


Unlike a private school-which is established for the sole purpose of education, a Catholic school is a ministry of the parish. Private schools charge tuition in return for services provided. The goals of a Catholic school are the goals of the parish:

  • Strengthen the parish community
  • Form faithful Christians
  • Proclaim the presence of the Kingdom of God
  • Provide a solid education

The job of a Catholic school is to partner with parents, who are the primary educators of their children, in the task of raising faithful disciples and stewards. This is why the parish funds the ministry of the school and sponsors children and families who are striving to live as active stewards. Catholic families in turn are asked to do three things:

  • Commit to pray which means actively and regularly attending Mass on weekends and Holy Days of Obligation
  • Commit to participate which means offering their talent and a portion of their time to serve the parish community (volunteer)
  • Commit to sacrificially give which means to pledge a portion of their income to support the parish church

Non-Catholic families are charged tuition since they are not members of the parish participating our tithing model.

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Our Diocese uses the VIRTUS training programs to ensure a safe environment that protects our children.